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Transport Your Ride Like Never Before

Are you serious about your motorcycles? Then give yours the protection it needs during transport by investing in one of our trailers. Our trailers offer you with a safer way to transport your ride. At Blackburn Trailers, we provide a comprehensive range of motorbike trailers for sale, just to ensure that you’ve always got everything you need for your next great adventure. Whatever you ride and however far you’re going, you can trust our range of motorbike trailers in Melbourne.

We assure dedication and quality to every project we undertake. Using the best quality materials coupled with the most talented staff, we deliver exceptional results for both private and commercial clients, thereby helping everyone get the tools they need to achieve their goals. Investing in a trailer from our workshop in Melbourne’s east ensures that you’re equipped with a unit that will stand the test of time, delivering year on year of outstanding performance even in the toughest conditions. Find out why we’re the preferred supplier by some of the city’s hardest working people and start a conversation with Blackburn Trailers today.

Your Partner in Every Adventure

A motorcycle is a delicate piece of machinery and we help you to take care of it the right way at Blackburn Trailers. We understand that every client is different and will have unique set of requirements. Our trailers can be customised to suit vehicles of every kind, from dirt bikes to street bikesand quad bikes to tricycles and more. So, however you like to ride, we have got a complete transport solution waiting for you.

Built to last using the best quality steel and available in a wide range of configurations to suit single, double and multiple bikes, our trailers are sure to be an asset whether you ride professionally or just like to spend your weekends on the trail.

Your Smarter Choice in Trailers

Discuss your requirements with the team at Blackburn Trailers on 03 9728 2048 or send us your questions by writing to to find out why we’ve been the city’s preferred manufacturer for more than 50 years.

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