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Tough Trailers for Tough Terrains

Safe hauling no matter how tough the terrain is. When life or your job takes you off the beaten track, know that you’re properly equipped with the Blackburn off road camper trailers range. Our range of off road box trailer transportation and camper trailers ensure that you will always have the tools you need to make your expedition a success. So, whether you’re a couple exploring our country’s rugged natural beauty or a business-owner looking for that peace of mind on long-distance hauls, you can rely on us.

No matter what you’re after, you can always expect the very best when you source it from Blackburn Trailers. We’re dedicated to our customers, delivering superior quality trailers for a diverse range of private and commercial customers. We understand the need for quality when shopping for a trailer, so we use only the strongest, most durable materials and the most experienced, qualified tradespeople throughout our manufacturing process. So you can always rest assured that you’re getting the very best. Discover why so many travellers and tradies make Blackburn Trailers their first stop.

Better Choice Every Time

When you don’t know where the road is going to take you, take comfort in the fact that you chose to work with Blackburn Trailers. All of our off road camper and transportation trailers are designed and built at our facility in east Melbourne, allowing you to be a part of the construction process. We take pride in having the ability to create custom pieces to suit any need. So co-ordinate with our team today and get the tool that precisely caters to your business or other personal needs like camping and picnic.

Built tough to tackle even the most rugged terrain and the harshest weather conditions, our off road trailers give you all the features you’ve been looking for, including durable independent suspension and your choice of storage configuration from tool trailer to checker plate hard lid with racks.

Delivering the Quality You Deserve

Start a conversation with the team at Blackburn Trailers and find out why we’ve been one of Melbourne’s most acclaimed trailer manufacturers for more than 50 years. Call us on 03 9728 2048 to speak to one of our staff or send us your questions via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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